About Us

Bloi is an ecological and ethical fashion brand: clothing made in Barcelona with ecological fabrics and an ethical production process.

We are ecological
Because we use certified organic fiber fabrics that are obtained through responsible production with the environment. That is, we do not use chemicals that are harmful to the environment or health.

We are Ethical
Because the production of the products is responsible for the social environment, that is, the workers involved in the entire process of obtaining the raw material, producing the fabrics and making the garments have worked under fair working conditions.

Our philosophy
At Bloi we create and manufacture clothes under the premise that products can be manufactured without destroying our environment and working under fair working conditions.

At Bloi we think that you can have a company and sell clothes to everyone without damaging the environment or people.

Our objective
Our goal is to make eco-friendly fashion more accessible and to show that things can be done differently.